Automation Changes the Game
Full system automation, which has become known as intelligent steel fabrication, is now a reality.
It begins with an integrated software platform that downloads the 3-D design model
to establish the required sections that are to be fabricated.
AMIN has invested in several new pieces of CNC equipment that utilize the latest technology in the
industry including high speed drilling, automated tool changing, and advanced part layout marking.
Jigs and fixture design and fabrication services. Other capabilities include packaging, cutting, printing,
routing, coating, assembly, sewing, marking, engraving, warehousing and fulfillment.


AMIN is an experienced turn-key systems builder and integrator of flexible, dedicated and resistance welding, complex material handling and automated assembly and test systems. Our team is highly skilled in fixture design and manufacturing. We offer highly efficient flexible robotic welding systems such as our Mini-Shuttle™ and AMIN-Shuttle™ twin table shuttle systems with standardized pre-engineered cells.

Automation Products and Services

Lathe Welder

The AMIN Steel Company Lathe Welder is designed to handle a wide variety of rotary welding applications. Utilizing single or multiple MIG torches, this versatile machine can handle small to medium sized cylindrical parts, as well as smaller diameter parts such as axles and drive shafts.

Resistance Welders

AMIN Steel Company builds quality turn-key resistance welding systems for both robotic and dedicated applications. Our experienced engineers will work with you to build the ideal system to maximize your productivity.

Jig and Fixture Design & Build

AMIN’s jig and fixture design and build services include precision built weld and assembly tooling, power clamping and sensing, error proofing stations and more.

Inspection & Test Equipment

Reliable automated inspection and testing equipment is critical in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment. AMIN can design and build custom equipment for leak, torque, vision testing and more.

Equipment Refurbishment

AMIIN Steel Company offers refurbishment services on existing AMIN equipment as well as equipment built by other automation companies. Send us your old weld cells and other automated equipment and our skilled engineers can make them better than new!

In-House Services

Our skilled engineers and technicians offer machine rebuild services as well as technical training at AMIN’s facility or yours. We have our own in-house machining, fabrication, assembly and painting capabilities, as well as the ability to to prototype runs.

Experienced and authorized integrators for a vast array of robotic automation and welding equipment: