Equipment Refurbishment

AMIN Steel Company offers refurbishment services on existing AMIN Steel Company equipment as well as equipment built by other automation and robotics companies. Send us your old weld cells and other automated equipment and our skilled engineers can make them better than new with the latest automation technology. Below is an example of a Lathe Welder we have refurbished, rebuilt and retooled.




  • New Power Supplies & Torches
  • Updated Controls with Addition of HMI
  • New Tooling
  • New Paint

Lathe Welder

The AMIN Steel Lathe Welder is designed to handle a wide variety of rotary welding applications. Utilizing single or multiple MIG torches, this versatile machine can handle small to medium sized cylindrical parts, as well as smaller diameter parts such as axles and drive shafts. Each torch is fully adjustable and can weld in a fixed position or can be driven by a servo actuator for accurate welds. A variety of customizations and options are available.