Lathe Welder

The AMIN Steel Company Lathe Welder is designed to handle a wide variety of rotary welding applications. Utilizing single or multiple MIG torches, this versatile machine can handle small to medium sized cylindrical parts, as well as smaller diameter parts such as axles and drive shafts. Each torch is fully adjustable and can weld in a fixed position or can be driven by a servo actuator for accurate welds. A variety of customizations and options are available.




  • Painted tubular steel structure
  • Painted sheet metal guarding
  • Allen Bradley controls package
  • Allen Bradley PanelView HMI
  • AC motor drive with rotary encoder
  • Free spinning tail stock
  • Single or multiple air cooled torches
  • Pneumatic torch advance
  • Multi axis adjustable torch angle brackets
  • Single operator cycle start switch
  • Weld spatter guarding
  • Separate headstock and tailstock grounding system
  • SMC FRL & pneumatic components
  • Through shaft fixture air porting
  • Pneumatically driven weld flash curtain
  • Two safety interlocked maintenance doors




  • Synchronous driven servo headstock/tailstock
  • Dual axis servo driven torch positioners
  • Pneumatically actuated tail stock
  • Driven coordinated tailstock
  • Rollup weld flash curtain
  • Date or identification marking
  • Air/dust collection/fume extractor
  • Single or multiple operator fans
  • Part presence/load unload sensors
  • Pneumatic part eject
  • Choice of power supply
  • Torch options
  • Weld heat temperature sensors
  • Smoke Hood with lighting
  • Bi-lingual programming & documentation