"AMIN's extensive knowledge in welding automation enabled me to minimize costly bottlenecks with a turnkey Mini Shuttle in my welding operations. Based on this success, we tackled a repetitive part loading operation with a material handling robot that enables us to maximize the machine's overall throughput. AMINBilt has helped me to meet our manufacturing requirements while saving my company money and reducing operator fatigue."
Fred G.
Tenneco Automotive
"AMIN has provided my company with 7 years of great service and reliable equipment. AMIN’s experience and attention to detail has been a great asset to my company."
Adam D.
Shelby Enterprises, Inc.
"Track Corporation has a long standing relationship with AMIN. Through the years, AMIN has provided Track with welding solutions which have helped us reduce cost and improve efficiency. Along with this we have received exceptional technical support and service."
Terry Plumert
Track Corporation
"AMIN has worked with Keiper to provide turn-key robotic MIG welding equipment and testing machines that have helped us to provide our customers with products that are second to none."
Bryan Neighbors, Project Engineer
Keiper Automotive Seating Systems - Eldon, MO
"Douglas Autotech manufactures steering columns for heavy truck and off road vehicles and has relied on AMIN for providing us with robotic and hard automation welding equipment that is reliable, repeatable, and efficient. The welding operations at Douglas Autotech must be of the highest quality to ensure the safety of our steering columns. To ensure this level of quality we use AMIN's TurnKey equipment and reliable services to provide our customers with quality steering columns."
Casey Phipps, Welding Engineer
Douglas Autotech Corp.