Welding Automation

AMIN Steel Company provides turn-key robotic and dedicated automated systems for MIG welding, resistance welding, TIG, plasma, laser and other specialty welding applications. Additionally, AMIN Steel Company has a line of automated welding equipment, such as the Mini-Shuttle™ and Lathe Welder, that provides a ready-made solution to many automation needs. Our skilled engineers can design and build a fast, efficient and cost-effective automated welding system for your specific application.


  • Complete Custom Machine Building – Concept through Installation
  • System Integration
  • Pre-engineered, Plug-n-Play Welding Systems:
  • Mini-Shuttle™
  • AMIN-Shuttle™
  • AMINCentric™ (Turn Table with Center Mounted Robot)
  • AMIN Steel Company Lathe Welder
  • H-Frame Modular Resistance Welder
  • AMIN Steel Company Pedestal Resistance Welder
  • MIG Welding – Robotic & Dedicated
  • Resistance Welding – Robotic & Dedicated
  • Specialty Welding – Including Plasma, TIG, Laser, and Heat Stake
  • 24 Hour Service and Warranty Support
  • Partnering with All Major Robotic Manufacturers including Fanuc, Panasonic, Motoman, ABB, OTC and Others